Graphitober: 3. Dark

I love playing with poetry forms, especially the more compact ones. The pleiades is one of my favorites. But this one wasn’t a breeze to do. Took me more than a day to figure out what I wanted to say. Turns out it’s me again, wanting my kid to become an astronaut someday. Haha.

The prompt was dark, and pretty much the spectrum of visible light, a small band of light’s entirety, is the only kind of light that we can see. Everything else is dark to us. Bees can see ultraviolet. To think that we can’t even think of colors beyond the colors of the rainbow…


Son, you're the image of
stardust, a wandering
sentinel of the cosmos.
Set your sails and let your
soul flourish in this grand
stellar saga, bearing 
stories from ancient light!

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