Graphitober: 1. Slow

Hello! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted in here, but I’m back for an October artsy challenge: Graphitober by Blackwing. I’m a big fan of the Ologies podcast by Alie Ward, so I was going to join Drawlogies, but based on the last two weeks of September, I only have bandwidth for something I could easily weave into my day. I needed something chill, like Graphitober. I haven’t been writing verses or composing music for ages, so this is the perfect chance to get at it.

I’ve missed my dear pencils. Whipped out my piano box for this month’s artistic pursuits.
I got to revisit my poetry cheat cards from last year. I had to add a couple new cards since I’ve forgotten how to write some formats. I keep them all in this notebook where I write my drafts. For today’s Graphitober entry, I chose to write a novem. Some of my favorites are the Pleiades and the Palindrome. I’ll be circulating between my favorite forms this month, that’s for sure.
I’ll put the final works in this leather bound notebook that I’ve had for years! Finally putting it to good use.

Some days, I’ll be writing verses, some days, sketching music. I’m now more comfortable making a mess in my draft notebooks for verses or song lyrics (provided I keep them away from prying eyes), but I’m still a little precious with my sheet music notebooks. By the end of this month, I want to learn how to just get down and dirty with them.

2 responses to “Graphitober: 1. Slow”

  1. Love your notebook! It’s the perfect cream shade.

    1. Thanks, Jac! Been with me for years already. Love the cream color as well. I like using pencils on it ’cause it’s got tooth.

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