everyday (and not so everyday) treasures

Hello! It’s been a slow week at my desk. Not much movement down here except around it. I got new baby plants that are not succulents, and I had to find the perfect spot for them so they don’t actually die. They first stayed on my French easel beside my desk for a day. But since the light here changes a lot, I moved them to live by a larger window where they can bathe in indirect solar deliciousness. I looked up plants that can do well in lowlight conditions indoors so I’ll know what plants to have here by my desk.

My leaf painting has been sitting there halfway done for far too long. I have yet to learn how to paint in quick bursts, but because I religiously clean my brushes and buckets every single time I’m done using them, quick bursts don’t work for me. So that’s pretty much why I rarely get any painting done. Been writing in my journal though. I take at least a page a day in my Midori codex (not pictured) for either small thoughts or gratitude, or both. I hope I can keep this habit up. My Midori planner (bottom right) is great for keeping track of schedules and reminders. I got a bigger version of this planner for next year. I love how sparse it is, and the paper is great. Would be great to make this my traditional planner for years and years to come. At least until I find a more beautiful one that is easier to purchase where I am… But at this point, it’s hard to imagine one. Hehe.

My desk is graced with my tot’s flower pickings from the backyard this morning. I’m painting these blooms for sure. Already took reference pictures for that. It’s gonna be one of those slow paintings again. I’m not for the fast lane, really. Also, I wanna get that flower press I’ve been lusting after at Etsy. Heh. But maybe it’s smarter to start ticking off the wishlist after I have a more permanent studio or office.

The gray envelope with the blue seal is a wedding invitation. Man, I get these ever so rarely. Since I’m just the plus one who doesn’t personally know the betrothed, my curiosity only extended towards that packet, at least for now. I examined every inch of it. My favorite thing about it is probably the personalized wax seal for the celebration.

One of my best friends came over today, and we ate lots of cheesy things for lunch to my wee one’s chagrin. (He doesn’t like dairy. He had to distance himself from our Spinach Dip Pizza and Lasagna because the smell was making him nauseated.) Lots of good and hearty chitchat happened, of course, to make up for all that time apart. We also made sure to appreciate lots of shiny things on Instagram like a pair of wide-eyed magpies before she went home. Already looking forward to her next visit.

Again, not so much going on in these parts, but I take so much delight in days like these, especially when I get to spend them with my treasures.

Happy weekend!

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