chroma chronicles

Not long after I fell into the fountain pen rabbit hole, I found myself compulsively collecting those gorgeous bottles of Ferris Wheel Press ink. I found out about the Jubilee – Creative Ambassador Program just last August through their newsletter, and I signed up for it in a heartbeat. I wasn’t really expecting to get accepted since I’m no social media maven, but was super thrilled when I gained membership to it. So now, I am excited to have the privilege of sharing some of my favorite things in the entire world.

The adventure began sooner than I thought. My first care package arrived last Friday! I immediately got to work. Here, we have The Finer Things collection, consisting of Spruce County Post, Oyster Hour, and Steeped Umber. And we also have this delightful little bauble filled with Blue Beryl Tonic from the Ferritales Collection.

When I first started collecting their inks, I thought I’d build my collection around my favorite Madam Mulberry ink. It was just going to be deep purples, mauves, and warm grays initially, or at least anything that would complement my favorite. Only recently, I started branching outside of my favorite hues. Swatching all of these reminded me of that glorious rush of happiness I get when color hits paper. Magical. It’s one of the best feelings. I guess that’s why I can’t get enough of these bottles.

I swatched the new inks on both watercolor paper and a page on my Always Right Fether Notebook. I’m going to explore these inks on other fountain pen friendly paper, too.

Happy Sunday!

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