brushing away fears

Yesterday’s late afternoon sun on my desk. Oh, the drama! The play of shadow and gold made me grab my camera and capture this scene.

Writing this on my son’s first no-school morning. We are still in our pajamas. We might just be in them for the whole day. Yay.

Currently working on this painting of a dried up leaf that I found outside our front door months ago. It’s been living on my desk ever since. I just love the shape it took as it dried up. Like frozen poetry. Been wanting to paint this for months already, but painting a leaf is so intimidating, especially because I’m still no good at it. Haha.

Using Saunders Waterford paper and my smaller Raphaël 8408 brushes for the leaf.

A leaf is a thing of beauty. Will take this on little by little. There’s just something scary about doing “washes”. Still haven’t gotten that technique down. So I’ll try building it up in segments to see if this approach suits me, even if it’s slower and more tedious. I could always try again anyway if I’m not happy with how it turns out.

Felt brave, pencilled the leaf on the paper, then took out my botanical box/master palette, brushes, and other tools. Special mention to my ceramic palette by lovely Liene Jekabson of Mrs.dessert. I vowed to only get her palettes for as long as I paint. Haha. When I like something, I tend to stick with it, as you will see in later posts. (It’s the Pokemon syndrome, y’all. Gotta catch ’em all.)

What gave me the push to get started with this leaf was actually painting a picture of Roberto, the little robot from Pocoyo, for my son last Saturday. I do enjoy painting the things he loves the most. But I gotta do botanical art, too, because it’s what got me into watercoloring last year, after years of being terrified of it. Also, botanical art got me interested in the plant world.

It’s so ironic how just when my eyesight is crap, I started seeing more and wanting to see more, getting into an art form that heavily involves sight. It’s funny how you and the people around you become living lessons on not taking things for granted.

Loving one thing leads to loving others. Love has its way of opening up the world to you.

Happy Monday!

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