busy hands

Hello from my desk today! How are you doing? I played with my shimmery paints all of yesterday’s afternoon. Making something nice with my hands (or trying to) is therapeutic.

I’m not a designer, but I wanted to try my hand at making a minimal logo for my blog. I used my Finetec pearlescent paints to paint this Sg (short for Selenografia) with a crescent using my Isabey script liner from their Syrus line. It’s odd because I can make better Copperplate when I think I’m painting it on the paper. It’s a lot slower, but it’s teaching me how to visualize things on the paper.

Sg with a crescent. I’ll explain Selenografia in a later post. For now, I just need you to know that I’m no lunar expert, nor am I particularly obsessed with the moon. I just like the name, okay? I’ve loved it ever since I saw it in one of Carl Sagan’s books a long time ago.

I made this in a few minutes, finishing just as lunch rolled by. Gave myself one last chance to do something right this morning after wasting so much paint and paper yesterday. I slowly applied that gold straight on to the bare sheet, just making sure my strokes were on point. I did practice those letters and shapes a lot last night though. That helped a lot!

Shifting the pearlescent paint in the light gives drama and dimension to even the simplest forms. I think I’m happy with it. But I still do need to practice calligraphy with inks and nibs. Pearlescent paints have become a kind of a crutch. As much as it is a treat to paint with, it is also a kind of a cheat. They can make almost anything look pretty. It’s like the painting version of singing in the shower.

While the tot was napping earlier today, I had some time to test my new treasure: the Hobonichi Hexagon Glass Pen. I thought I could live without having a glass pen in my collection until I saw this beauty. The Japanese are so good at taking traditional things and putting a contemporary spin to them. In this case, it’s the hexagonal barrel that sets it apart from most glass pens. It even comes with its own rest!

I used my pen with Madam Mulberry by Ferris Wheel Press, my current favorite daily ink. It’s a dusky mauve, which sings beautifully on cream colored paper, in my opinion. I love Ferris Wheel Press inks so much that I’ve signed up to be a member of their Jubilee – Creative Ambassador Program. I will be sharing some of their latest releases as soon as my package arrives. (It’ll probably be a month and a half from now… *Groan*) Can’t wait!

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