2022 • 08 • 21

My name is Jessica, and here’s what my desk looks like today! It’s populated with various notebooks and my favorite writing tools, which I will slowly talk about in the coming days. My laptop usually doesn’t make it here anymore since it has become a fixture in my kid’s nursery, where he takes his online classes. But today was when I finally took the plunge and started this blog after going back and forth about it for weeks.

My current laptop wallpaper is an image of Stephan’s Quintet by the JWST. Speaking of wall coverings, you’ll see I’ve covered the frame above my desk with some of my things to get rid of reflections. Those are watercolor portraits of my old fish Tama (short for Tamasaburo) done by yours truly in the upper right. To the left is a flower my kid gave me last month, which I left on my desk since I didn’t wanna throw it. It dried quite nicely.

When I’m not in a coffee shop, this is where I collect myself at home, and I guess I wanted to anchor that truth and share a bit more about my heart in this space. Expect lots of stationery talk, book talk, drawing or painting… Nothing too serious, I guess?

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for dropping by!

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